Coan's Dusty Acres 

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Order for 2020 Now! 

2020 Beef Prices

1/4 of Steer (roughly 100 to 200 lbs) - $$650.00
1/2 of Steer (roughly 250 to 350 lbs) - $$1300.00
Whole steer (roughly 500-700 lbs) - $$2450.00

We do offer a payment plan for all steer purchases, including a non-refundable deposit. This deposit will cover your first months payment which will be needed by the end of August (This helps cover buying the steers.) October will be the next of the following 9 payments, 10 months total. Example; 1/4 of a steer would be $65 for the month of August which would cover your deposit, and $65 every month from October through June.

Steers are scheduled to be butchered in  August and September of 2020. And the prices above include everything except the butchering fees.

Interested in paying with a credit card or paypal?

Choose below for 1/4 or 1/2 steer payment, or create your own amount 

Make Your Own Amount Payment
If you want to make a whole payment, or just more than the monthly payment amount.



1/4 Steer Monthly Payment



1/2 Steer Monthly Payment