Tree Farm LLC

Coan's Dusty Acres 

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We started raising steers for the simple fact that we wanted to know what it was we were eating. We started with just our family, and have now grown to multiple families, and would like to give others the same opportunity without having to worry about the where and how. We do everything we can to ensure that each customer is getting as much beef as possible.  We have two stalls that are cleaned once daily. We transfer them from a dirty stall to a clean stall in the morning and again after we've cleaned in the evening. We ensure that the 100 gallon water tub is filled twice daily, and cleaned as often as possible. They are fed sweet feed twice daily, and hay, we grow and bale our own hay here on the farm, we feed free choice from a manger. They are not given any growth hormones or implants to make them grow as we would like them to be as 'natural' as possible. We do, however, give them some feed through antibiotics when they first arrive at the farm (October/November time frame) to ensure a healthy animal for the duration. We do this due to the fact that they come to us never being handled and the stress of traveling and a new place can make them have slightly snotty noses. We also worm them, usually when they first arrive, and again around spring time. They are raised as a market steer in a stall for the duration of their lives. We make sure to give them plenty of room to move, lay down and even 'play' with each other and also give them plenty of attention while cleaning and feeding every day. The 2 farms we purchase our steers from have many years of raising well mannered wonderful steers that grow. If anyone has any questions, feel free too reach out!